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Veneers and lumineers are thin overlays that transform your smile. Today, they are attached using the latest generation of adhesive, which molecularly penetrates between the cells of both the tooth tissue and the restorative material, so that the denture holds very securely. Despite this, there are some particularities in the rules of care that you should be aware of.

The most important thing is to reduce the load, not to bite hard fruits and vegetables with your teeth, as well as to carefully monitor hygiene. Don’t forget to see your dentist regularly – the dentist will examine your teeth, check their condition under the braces and, if necessary, perform treatment.

Composite veneers require special attention – they have a poorer bonding to the teeth compared to ceramic on lays and are prone to staining.

There are no explicit prohibitions on flossing and interdental brushes, but you must be extremely careful when using them. After dentures, the gaps between the teeth will remain, of course. But here it is very important not to move the floss from the gum to the edges (ie, do not make vertical movements) – of course, not immediately, but gradually due to such action’s pads can be damaged. If you want to floss, do not insert the tip from below (from the cutting surface), but directly between the teeth in the gum area – in the largest gap. After cleaning, take it out in the same way.

Also, with the brushes – when you take them out of the interdental space, be extremely careful. Choose the thinnest brushes. The best thing to do is to get a dental irrigator. It’s a great substitute for flossing and brushes.

Pay special attention to the condition of the gums, especially where the mucosa contacts the edge of the veneer or lumineers. Trauma to the tissue can cause inflammation, which will result in the onlays having to be removed for treatment or because of an aesthetic impairment. For example, if gum recession occurs and the roots of the teeth are exposed.


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